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29th April 2007 League Competiton

I was too busy running the contest and learning to fly my new model to be able to take in much of the action, but here are my impressions:

Mick Barnet overcame initial difficulties, and flew his new Pulsar 3.2 convincingly to first place. Brian Austin came 2nd, however he flew near perfectly for the first two rounds, and may have beaten Mick if he hadn't misjudged landing his beautiful own design model in round 4.

Long time returning glider flyer Martin Bell flew very consistently to win 3rd place, just beating my brand new 3.8m Super AVA floater, which coped reasonably well with the inclement conditions.

Trevor Wain flew his own design Sky Witch 4 servo wing model convincingly, but is still learning to get the best out of it. Stan Rose won three slots and could have placed much higher than 6th, but his round 1 flight pulled his score down too much, in this hard fought contest.

Steve Burns and Gordon Brown were caught out by the rule that disallows the flight if it is over 10:30.

Newcomers Mark Smith, Paul Moulton, and Dave Mumford all flew safely and well. With a bit more model tuning they will be competitive.

Neil Stainton.