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20th May 2007 Bartletts Farm Trial Event

This was held as a trial event in the South to gauge the interest of this class in this area. Entries came to 12, which put it close to the fist League event at Pillerton that attracted 13 entries.
Processing was completed by 10.15am, with flying commencing at 10.30am. the weather remained superb all day with the wind from the East, that tends to bring wave lift through in this direction. This led to all the slots having flight times in excess of 9 minutes, with most achieving 10 minutes, by the majority of the flyers in the slot. If you did miss it though you could be dead, as the eventual winner Paul Wainwright found out in the first slot with a flight time of 2.51 minutes, good job you could drop one score Paul. Mick Barnett flew consistently well all day, as did Pete Michell, who was 3rd. Yours truly had to fly with the spoiler flaps taped up, due to the stripping of one of the wing servo’s gears. This made getting down from the strong lift and landing very difficult, particularly the latter.
Martin Bell had a day where nothing went right, which is unusual for Martin. Jeff Ott, of F3k fame flew well in his first comp of this type, to gain 5th place. Prizes were given out at the end of the day, in the form of bottles of wine.
Every one said they enjoyed it & will come again to the League event in June, on the 17th.
Brian Austin
NS: Photos by Tony Merritt. Also included is an article about, and photos of Brian’s Ray Pavely designed Alacrity SLG.