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10th June 2007 Pillerton Hersey League Competiton

The comp was a great success, with 13 entrants battling it out over 7 rounds of excellent weather. BEFA and 200W/Kg old hands were roundly beaten by newcomer but BARCS veteran Bruce Baker, flying a distinctly low tech model. Mick Barnet came second, despite not winning a round, to prove that consistency is paramount. I flew my Super AVA to third place, proving big is not always best! A downloadable zipped Excel results spreadsheet is in the forum. Nice photos by Mike Proctor.

Bruce Baker receiving 1st prize from Neil Stainton. Mick Barnet receiving 2nd prize from Neil Stainton. Bruce Baker with his 1970 design 100inch Sagetta. Motor is a Hacker b40 8L with a 4.4 to 1 gearbox and a 13/7 cam prop.  Battery is a 2500mah Flightpower lipo.
<p>Barry Flude's Pelikan Pike.</p> Bruce Baker's Saggita on approach. Martin Bell's Highlight 1.8-it flew excellently with a very economical powertrain. Neil's Super AVA shortly after launch.
Neil's Super AVA and Barr'y Pike fight it out in a thermal. Trevor Wain's OD Skywitch