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17th June 2007 Bartletts Farm League Competition

What a glorious day the 17th turned out to be here in Essex. The forecast proved to be spot on with the good weather window between the downpours that were taking place in various parts of the country, but not so much in this area.
The entry was down on the last event, with two people not arriving & George Read having entered, injuring himself quite badly when he cut his leg with the propeller of his model whilst checking another control surface. He subsequently went to hospital, where he had a check to see that he was OK. Point to remember to all of us that electric models bite, more seriously than IC engines. George was lucky in that he had a dressing on the area where the propeller struck him, that took a lot of the impact, but still cut the leg.
In the event 7 people flew, with the result being almost identical to the trial event in May, with the exception that 3rd & 4th positions being reversed.
Paul Wainwright flew very well yet again to take 1st place, with his two low tech models. But he had to work very hard for it in his case, as he seldom achieved the launch heights of other models in the same slot. This was quite noticeable all day, that although the lift was there nearly all day, especially at height, there were a lot of low down thermals which if you could latch onto one would get the model to a good height. A good example of this was Austin Miller, who was coming into land, when he hit a new thermal breaking away from the ground. Yours truly who was timing for him got him to turn with it & stay with it, where he wound it up to about 400 ft. This indirectly led to Paul getting away who had been in the same poor air nearby, who hearing me coaching Austin, hooked into the same thermal!!
One aspect of the day was that Mick Barnett & Martin Bells models were suffering from warped wing flaps & ailerons in the hot sun & had to be moved to the shady areas under the trees.
Mick Barnett was second again in two weeks, Brian Austin was third & Peter Michell was fourth..

Brian Austin

Photos by Martin Bell.