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15th July 2007 Bartletts Farm Competition

The forecast late on Saturday looked far from settled, but there was a red sky at sunset, so could we be lucky for a third time with the event at Bartletts. Sunday dawned, looking very angry to the South East over Kent,then at 7.15 the heavens opened , accompanied by a violent thunderstorm for about 30 mins that moved away with the sky brightening up.

I arrived at the field at 8.30am, to find no one there, until Mick Barnett arrived at about 9 am. The weather was improving all the time and led to a superb day of flying conditions, wind from the East about 10-12mph and good lift for most of the day. For my sins I got sun burnt on my face, the weather was that good.

Entries came to 8 in total, two down on those who said they were going to attend. The interest shown by people in the South East on the Esoaring site, has not led to them attending either to watch or enter!! Most of the processing can be done quickly now as most people have been processed before, so have stickers on models or the self processing forms, that greatly speed thing up. We finally got under way at about 11am and finished at approx 3pm.

Nearly all slots were flown out to the full 10minutes. Neil Stainton managed to max out on all 6 rounds, so it was easy to perm any 5 from his score. Very well done Neil.

Mick Barnett was a very close second, with 5000 again but one dropped score, so technically Neil would get first place in the event of the tied scores.

Yours truly was 3rd and Peter Mitchell 4th.

Brian Austin

Excellent photos by Martin Bell.