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30th September 2007 Pillerton Hersey Competiton

The last contest of the season was a great finale to a brilliant season's flying. The weather started off a bit cold, but it warmed up slowly, and the low wind speed made the conditions just about perfect - especially for slower flying models. Laughing

I had missed John Davies off the pre entry list so the total entry came to 18 fliers - a record for a Pillerton event. Processing a few models took half an hour, and flying started about 10:30. Without Margaret's uber organisation the pace was a bit slower, but we still had time for a leisurely lunch, and finished before 5pm.

I think the day was crash-free, and the flying was good, with lift and sink in most slots. The highlight (or maybe lowlight would be a better word) of the event for me was being thoroughly beaten by Tony Merrit in round 2, when I was down by 5:44, and he flew out the slot. I haven't been that humiliated all season! Luckily my flying improved and I was narrowly able to beat Brian Austin and Austin Miller to the top spot.

Mick Barnet had also been creamed by Tony Merrit in round 2, had some other non-maxed flights, and was trailing badly by round 7. He needed to get at least 95% of my score to retain his winning league position, and everything depended on his final flight. He was in slot 3, so his position in the last slot of the final 2007 eSoaring contest would determine his place in the league. Happily he was able to raise to the occasion and scored 1000 points for the slot. That allowed him to throw out his round 2 score, and his winning league position was confirmed!

Trevor Wain flew his own design Sky Witch model very competently, but it was a bit heavy for the calmish conditions. Although he wasn't able to squeeze me out of 2nd place, he confirmed his 3rd position in the league very comfortably.

My thanks to Mike Proctor for devising the format, running the league, and managing all the politics and people with such aplomb. To Mick Barnet for supplying the attractive league trophies. To the many prize contributors. To Margaret and the many other essential helpers who have made running these events so easy. To Martin Bell and other photographers for excellent pictures. To the flying site owners who have allowed us to fly. And mostly to all the fliers who have flown safely and with such good humour all season.

Lets make sure that 2008 is even better!


Photos by Martin Bell (with legends) and Mike Proctor.