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25th March 2007 Practise Event

This was a practise day to let people get more experience flying to the eSoaring rules, and to let the CD have a dummy run before a league comp. It went very well and all enjoyed the event.

Mike Proctor flew his 2.5m vacuum bagged OD model very convincingly, winning all his slots. Trevor Wain started well, but wasn't able to make the duration in subsequent rounds, and unfortunately mistook his model for Mick's in the last flight, causing it to crash. Gordon Brown flew his ex E400 Highlight 1.5, with a Mega brushless and lipos, and the model flew excellently, coping with the initially blustery conditions very well, wining Gordon 2nd place. Dave Perrett initially said he wouldn't fly, but his Filip (still with a BEFA Eslot powertrain) flew well, and Dave flew consistently to get third place. Newcomer Steve Burns flew a very attractive ~2.7m "Champion" model of traditional construction. Steve flew the model well and consistently, and nearly beat Dave to 3rd place. Mick Barnet started the comp flying his FVK Optima, but it didn't shine in the conditions, so for the last round he changed to his just test flown Bingo 2.5m high tech model. It flew excellently and will be a contender in future comps.