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30th September 2007 Pillerton Hersey Competiton 30th September 2007 Pillerton Hersey Competiton (32 images)

The last contest of the season was a great finale to a brilliant season's flying. The weather started off a bit cold, but it warmed up slowly, and the low wind speed made the conditions just about perfect - especially for slower flying models. Laughing

I had missed John Davies off the pre entry list so the total entry came to 18 fliers - a record for a Pillerton event. Processing a few models took half an hour, and flying started about 10:30. Without Margaret's uber organisation the pace was a bit slower, but we still had time for a leisurely lunch, and finished before 5pm.

I think the day was crash-free, and the flying was good, with lift and sink in most slots. The highlight (or maybe lowlight would be a better word) of the event for me was being thoroughly beaten by Tony Merrit in round 2, when I was down by 5:44, and he flew out the slot. I haven't been that humiliated all season! Luckily my flying improved and I was narrowly able to beat Brian Austin and Austin Miller to the top spot.

Mick Barnet had also been creamed by Tony Merrit in round 2, had some other non-maxed flights, and was trailing badly by round 7. He needed to get at least 95% of my score to retain his winning league position, and everything depended on his final flight. He was in slot 3, so his position in the last slot of the final 2007 eSoaring contest would determine his place in the league. Happily he was able to raise to the occasion and scored 1000 points for the slot. That allowed him to throw out his round 2 score, and his winning league position was confirmed!

Trevor Wain flew his own design Sky Witch model very competently, but it was a bit heavy for the calmish conditions. Although he wasn't able to squeeze me out of 2nd place, he confirmed his 3rd position in the league very comfortably.

My thanks to Mike Proctor for devising the format, running the league, and managing all the politics and people with such aplomb. To Mick Barnet for supplying the attractive league trophies. To the many prize contributors. To Margaret and the many other essential helpers who have made running these events so easy. To Martin Bell and other photographers for excellent pictures. To the flying site owners who have allowed us to fly. And mostly to all the fliers who have flown safely and with such good humour all season.

Lets make sure that 2008 is even better!


Photos by Martin Bell (with legends) and Mike Proctor.
9th September 2007 Wetlands Competition 9th September 2007 Wetlands Competition (13 images)

The event ran like clockwork under Margaret's friendly and ultra efficient management. The day started almost calm and sunny, and got progressively windier as time progressed.

I found the thermal conditions quite demanding, and looked likely to land early on several occasions. However lucky low level saves kept me in the running. Martin Bell's first five flights were almost flawless, but a motor problem caused a zero in round 6, and a poor flight in round 7 allowed me to pip him to the post.


Photos by Martin Bell.
27th August 2007 SF Nationals 27th August 2007 SF Nationals (37 images)

Very close competition at the Silent Flight Nationals at Spittalgate.
Please see the forum for an enjoyable write-up by Ian Cowe.
Brilliant photos by Martin Bell and Mike Proctor.

12th August 2007 Clent Soaring Assoc League Competition 12th August 2007 Clent Soaring Assoc League Competition (24 images)

A very enjoyable competition at the Clent Soaring Association's field, after Pillerton Hersey was closed by the Foot & Mouth outbreak.
The thermals were strong, but the sink was outstanding, making for a very interesting and challenging event, which was convincingly won by Trevor Wain.
Photos by Mike Proctor and Martin Bell.
29th July 2007 Wetlands Competition 29th July 2007 Wetlands Competition (33 images)

Despite the large entry and slightly windy conditions the event was run excellently by Mike in his light hearted style. And he won it too!

Superb photos by Mike Proctor, Barry Flude, and Martin Bell.
15th July 2007 Bartletts Farm Competition 15th July 2007 Bartletts Farm Competition (14 images)

The forecast late on Saturday looked far from settled, but there was a red sky at sunset, so could we be lucky for a third time with the event at Bartletts. Sunday dawned, looking very angry to the South East over Kent,then at 7.15 the heavens opened , accompanied by a violent thunderstorm for about 30 mins that moved away with the sky brightening up.

I arrived at the field at 8.30am, to find no one there, until Mick Barnett arrived at about 9 am. The weather was improving all the time and led to a superb day of flying conditions, wind from the East about 10-12mph and good lift for most of the day. For my sins I got sun burnt on my face, the weather was that good.

Entries came to 8 in total, two down on those who said they were going to attend. The interest shown by people in the South East on the Esoaring site, has not led to them attending either to watch or enter!! Most of the processing can be done quickly now as most people have been processed before, so have stickers on models or the self processing forms, that greatly speed thing up. We finally got under way at about 11am and finished at approx 3pm.

Nearly all slots were flown out to the full 10minutes. Neil Stainton managed to max out on all 6 rounds, so it was easy to perm any 5 from his score. Very well done Neil.

Mick Barnett was a very close second, with 5000 again but one dropped score, so technically Neil would get first place in the event of the tied scores.

Yours truly was 3rd and Peter Mitchell 4th.

Brian Austin

Excellent photos by Martin Bell.
7th July 2007 Wetlands Competition 7th July 2007 Wetlands Competition (13 images)

14 entrants braved strong winds and made the first eSoaring contest at the Wetlands venue a success.

Photos by Martin Bell.
17th June 2007 Bartletts Farm League Competition 17th June 2007 Bartletts Farm League Competition (11 images)

What a glorious day the 17th turned out to be here in Essex. The forecast proved to be spot on with the good weather window between the downpours that were taking place in various parts of the country, but not so much in this area.
The entry was down on the last event, with two people not arriving & George Read having entered, injuring himself quite badly when he cut his leg with the propeller of his model whilst checking another control surface. He subsequently went to hospital, where he had a check to see that he was OK. Point to remember to all of us that electric models bite, more seriously than IC engines. George was lucky in that he had a dressing on the area where the propeller struck him, that took a lot of the impact, but still cut the leg.
In the event 7 people flew, with the result being almost identical to the trial event in May, with the exception that 3rd & 4th positions being reversed.
Paul Wainwright flew very well yet again to take 1st place, with his two low tech models. But he had to work very hard for it in his case, as he seldom achieved the launch heights of other models in the same slot. This was quite noticeable all day, that although the lift was there nearly all day, especially at height, there were a lot of low down thermals which if you could latch onto one would get the model to a good height. A good example of this was Austin Miller, who was coming into land, when he hit a new thermal breaking away from the ground. Yours truly who was timing for him got him to turn with it & stay with it, where he wound it up to about 400 ft. This indirectly led to Paul getting away who had been in the same poor air nearby, who hearing me coaching Austin, hooked into the same thermal!!
One aspect of the day was that Mick Barnett & Martin Bells models were suffering from warped wing flaps & ailerons in the hot sun & had to be moved to the shady areas under the trees.
Mick Barnett was second again in two weeks, Brian Austin was third & Peter Michell was fourth..

Brian Austin

Photos by Martin Bell.
10th June 2007 Pillerton Hersey League Competiton 10th June 2007 Pillerton Hersey League Competiton (10 images)

The comp was a great success, with 13 entrants battling it out over 7 rounds of excellent weather. BEFA and 200W/Kg old hands were roundly beaten by newcomer but BARCS veteran Bruce Baker, flying a distinctly low tech model. Mick Barnet came second, despite not winning a round, to prove that consistency is paramount. I flew my Super AVA to third place, proving big is not always best! A downloadable zipped Excel results spreadsheet is in the forum. Nice photos by Mike Proctor.
20th May 2007 Bartletts Farm Trial Event 20th May 2007 Bartletts Farm Trial Event (18 images)

This was held as a trial event in the South to gauge the interest of this class in this area. Entries came to 12, which put it close to the fist League event at Pillerton that attracted 13 entries.
Processing was completed by 10.15am, with flying commencing at 10.30am. the weather remained superb all day with the wind from the East, that tends to bring wave lift through in this direction. This led to all the slots having flight times in excess of 9 minutes, with most achieving 10 minutes, by the majority of the flyers in the slot. If you did miss it though you could be dead, as the eventual winner Paul Wainwright found out in the first slot with a flight time of 2.51 minutes, good job you could drop one score Paul. Mick Barnett flew consistently well all day, as did Pete Michell, who was 3rd. Yours truly had to fly with the spoiler flaps taped up, due to the stripping of one of the wing servo’s gears. This made getting down from the strong lift and landing very difficult, particularly the latter.
Martin Bell had a day where nothing went right, which is unusual for Martin. Jeff Ott, of F3k fame flew well in his first comp of this type, to gain 5th place. Prizes were given out at the end of the day, in the form of bottles of wine.
Every one said they enjoyed it & will come again to the League event in June, on the 17th.
Brian Austin
NS: Photos by Tony Merritt. Also included is an article about, and photos of Brian’s Ray Pavely designed Alacrity SLG.
29th April 2007 League Competiton 29th April 2007 League Competiton (9 images)

I was too busy running the contest and learning to fly my new model to be able to take in much of the action, but here are my impressions:

Mick Barnet overcame initial difficulties, and flew his new Pulsar 3.2 convincingly to first place. Brian Austin came 2nd, however he flew near perfectly for the first two rounds, and may have beaten Mick if he hadn't misjudged landing his beautiful own design model in round 4.

Long time returning glider flyer Martin Bell flew very consistently to win 3rd place, just beating my brand new 3.8m Super AVA floater, which coped reasonably well with the inclement conditions.

Trevor Wain flew his own design Sky Witch 4 servo wing model convincingly, but is still learning to get the best out of it. Stan Rose won three slots and could have placed much higher than 6th, but his round 1 flight pulled his score down too much, in this hard fought contest.

Steve Burns and Gordon Brown were caught out by the rule that disallows the flight if it is over 10:30.

Newcomers Mark Smith, Paul Moulton, and Dave Mumford all flew safely and well. With a bit more model tuning they will be competitive.

Neil Stainton.
25th March 2007 Practise Event 25th March 2007 Practise Event (18 images)

This was a practise day to let people get more experience flying to the eSoaring rules, and to let the CD have a dummy run before a league comp. It went very well and all enjoyed the event.

Mike Proctor flew his 2.5m vacuum bagged OD model very convincingly, winning all his slots. Trevor Wain started well, but wasn't able to make the duration in subsequent rounds, and unfortunately mistook his model for Mick's in the last flight, causing it to crash. Gordon Brown flew his ex E400 Highlight 1.5, with a Mega brushless and lipos, and the model flew excellently, coping with the initially blustery conditions very well, wining Gordon 2nd place. Dave Perrett initially said he wouldn't fly, but his Filip (still with a BEFA Eslot powertrain) flew well, and Dave flew consistently to get third place. Newcomer Steve Burns flew a very attractive ~2.7m "Champion" model of traditional construction. Steve flew the model well and consistently, and nearly beat Dave to 3rd place. Mick Barnet started the comp flying his FVK Optima, but it didn't shine in the conditions, so for the last round he changed to his just test flown Bingo 2.5m high tech model. It flew excellently and will be a contender in future comps.
9th August 2006 Contest 9th August 2006 Contest (15 images)

Photos from the 9th August 2006 200W/Kg contest held at the Wetlands site.
First 200W contest in 2005 First 200W contest in 2005 (2 images)

This comp used rules that limited power to 200W, but didn't take into account the model's weight. This favoured lightweight floaters.
Flying Shots Flying Shots (3 images)

Some great flying shots contributed by Mike Proctor.