FAI F5J Rules

FAI F5J Competition Rules for 2015

A question has been asked about where to find F5J rules and regulations. The definitive versions are on the FAI website so here is a guide on how to find them.

The aeromodelling section of the FAI website is located at http://www.fai.org/aeromodelling

Clicking the Documents Tab opens up a list.

All current Rule Documents are located in ‘Sporting Code Section 4: Aeromodelling’. Opening this tab brings up further Sections.
F5J Competition Class rules are in ‘Section 4 - F5 Electric’.

Also applicable to F5J are the specification and application requirements associated with AMRT (Altimeter Motor Run Timer) devices. 
These are in ‘Section 4 – EDIC’ (Electronic Devices in Competition).

Device approvals arising from the requirements of 'Section 4 – EDIC' are in a separate section from the Sporting Code – higher up the list opened by the Documents Tab.

Clicking on 'EDIC WG & Electronic Device Approvals' (WG stands for Working Group) opens up access to the current ‘AMRT Approvals List’. Copies of the formal Approval Documents for each device are available under ‘AMRT Approvals’.

The Sporting Code is formally updated with any rule revisions in January each year. At the date of this posting we have the 2014 version but can expect the 2015 edition to soon be available. 

Currently there are no AMRT approvals pending but further devices are known to be in development with manufacturers. These will be immediately added to the list when any new approval is granted.

The web site does of course have a lot of other information about FAI aeromodelling activities and those interested might like to explore further.

With thanks to Paul Newell